Theracoustic programs delivers the key benefits of mindfulness, meditation, deep relaxation techniques, vibracoustic frequencies and a proprietary binaural technology just by experiencing a 24-minute sound therapy session. The foundational therapy is the Quantum Harmonic audio therapy. It delivers its symptom-reducing and resiliency-building multi-layered programs through stereo headphones or earbuds. Vibracoustic therapy is combined with the Quantum Harmonic audio therapy in the Theracoustic ZRO Vibracoustic Wellness System. The Wellness System provides intense physical and muscular relaxation and is the ultimate way to experience Theracoustic programs.

Using a person’s own natural response to a unique combination of relaxation and stress reduction techniques, the user’s body produces the Relaxation Response, and through our proprietary binaural techniques, use the brain’s desire for hemispheric synchronization to guide their brainwaves into targeted lower wave levels— in some cases the lowest level, deep delta.

Theracoustic programs significantly lower symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders and pain— on average by -40% to -60% —from a single Quantum HarmonicTM audio or Satori Vibracoustic session.  For Theracoustic behavioral change programs, like RecoveryTM for addictions, once a subject is significantly relaxed, we add neurolinguistic programming to assist the subject toward long-term change.

Some of the benefits Theracoustic offers in its series of thirty-five evidence-based sessions are:

     •     Lower stress, anxiety, trauma and depressive symptoms by 40% to 60% from a single 24-minute session, while building resiliency to those symptoms with multiple use

     •     Improve sleep quality and quantity up to 80% in just 14 days

     •     Effectively lower drug and alcohol cravings 50% to 65% after a single session and to the point the therapies have been used for non-med detox and to help those with long-term sleep med use to successfully break an Ambien addiction

     •     Reduce anger, fear and mood swings in all populations, including teenage females uprooted from their home life for treatment in residential eating disorder centers

     •     Provide relief for trauma and PTSD patients by turning off the subconscious in our delta level programs

     •     Safely manage and reduce the psychological aspects of pain

Theracoustic can provide these outcomes using no medications, no implements or mechanical tools plus it does so with no known contraindications.  What Theracoustic therapies provide is benefits equivalent to a serious long-term meditator—someone who has mediated at least an hour every day for years.  

Theracoustic stress-related treatments work well as standalone therapies or in concert with medications, CBT/REBT/DBT, group therapy, other CAM treatments or virtually any treatment regime offered.  They are safe and easy to use and the new players and controllers feature simple touchscreen controls.

The use of Theracoustic programs is low-risk as they are safe and work well as a complimentary or primary therapy.  Theracoustic programs are high reward, as they are effective, providing significant proven outcome benefits with consistent and repeatable results.  Additionally, the therapy delivery costs are substantially less than comparable-benefit medications, treatments or alternative therapies.