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Theracoustic programs and solutions have been researched by a variety of clinical institutions, as well as the U.S. military, in the areas of stress and anxiety management, insomnia, pain and behavioral change.  And, Theracoustic continues to be researched by a leading teaching hospital, university, infusion centers and by behavioral change facilities.  Additionally, Theracoustic is part of a long-term wellness study being conducted in the UK.

Stress and Anxiety

Theracoustic Stress and anxiety researches has been conducted in multiple populations, each population under their own specific set of severe conditions such as soldiers in an active war zone, patients of residential addiction or eating disorder facilities and hip and knee replacement patients.  Subjects have been as young as 12 years old to individuals that are octogenarians.

Toxic stress and anxiety alone are highly harmful, but have also been connected to, among others, increased levels of pain, cardiac rehab failure, chronic insomnia, addiction relapse and even increased workplace accidents.  

Over the multiple studies, stress was reduced an average of -57.3% after a maximum of three Quantum Harmonic audio sessions and anxiety was reduced an average of -47.7%. Theracoustic Vibracoustic Wellness sessions reduced stress on average -49.2% and anxiety by -49.5%.

Unless otherwise noted, subjects listened or experienced the standard 24-minute Theracoustic length audio or Vibracoustic sessions no more than once daily.  Most researches utilized a Visual Analog Scale tool to compare pre and post session participant self-evaluations.


Theracoustic Insomnia and Sleep Issues studies has been conducted in several high-stress situation populations, including soldiers in an active war zone and addiction patients in residential treatment.  initially developed for PTSD patients at the Miami VA, the Theracoustic Quantum Harmonic sleep program is orchestrated to drive users into deep, dreamless and rejuvenate Delta-level sleep.

Early research was the first to show that over 90% of subjects responded to the Theracoustic Quantum Harmonic sleep program, Delta Sleep, during the first use.  The most definitive insomnia research to date was conducted at a residential eating disorder center.  The longitudinal study showed daily use for just 14 days resulted in an average -80% drop in the tracked symptoms ‘trouble getting to sleep’ and ‘trouble staying asleep.’

Subjects listened standard 60-minute Theracoustic Quantum Harmonic sleep session.  Note:  the sleep session fades away at 60 minutes, leaving the subject in their current sleep state.  2.5.10


After noticing a significant reduction in body and headaches in early studies, Theracoustic began to develop and test pain specific programming.  Those early studies showed a 50% to 69% reduction in headaches and body aches.

A pain study was later conducted by a major orthopedic center which specialized in joint replacements.  A study cohort of knee and hip replacement patients immediately after surgery through inpatient rehab and treatment.  ‘Pain walking/standing’ and ‘pain sitting’ where tracked over their inpatient stay.  On average ‘pain walking/standing’ was reduced by -41.5% after each audio session and ‘pain sitting’ was reduced -45.8%.  When the Theracoustic Pain Management program was consumed prior to or immediately after a physical therapy session, the results were even stronger. Around PT both ‘pain walking/standing’ and ‘pain sitting’ was reduced by -52.8%.

Subjects listened to the 10-minute the Severe Pain session as often as needed for pain and the 24-minute Pain Management session at least once daily while subjects were in inpatient care.

Anger, Fear, Resentment, Moodiness

Common emotions of anger, fear, resentment and mood swings can negatively impact treatment efficacy in chronic diseases, addictions, and behavioral health conditions.  Theracoustic studies have been conducted by addiction and eating disorder facilities on their residential patients.  

The studies show a minimum of a 50% reduction in all four conditions, anger, fear, resentfulness and mood swings, after just one audio or vibracoustic session.

Subjects listened to or experienced the standard 24-minute Theracoustic length audio or Vibracoustic sessions no more than once daily.  A Visual Analog Scale tool was used to compare pre and post session self-evaluations.  

Wellness and Life Expectancy

A London wellness and behavioral health clinic has been using the Subjective Well Being Index as a primary assessment of outcomes for over a decade.  The clinic uses wellbeing index is to determine the clinic’s overall impact on their patients’ ongoing wellbeing.  Another reason for it use is to determine efficacy of the different treatment modalities used with their patient population.

When the Theracoustic Vibracoustic Wellness System results were segmented from other modalities they saw an average 36% increase in the Subjective Well Being Index after each session.  The clinic stated, “This is even more significant than it sounds once it is understood that Subjective Wellbeing is one of the most accurate predictors of lifespan, and that a 36% improvement, if maintained, translates to something like an extra decade of life.”


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