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Theracoustic PREVAILTM

Weight Management Program

A series of six programs that offers neurolinguistic counseling to alter subconscious thoughts relating to food, exercise and overall wellness.

Session 1: Seek Ideal Weight

Session 2: Choose Healthy Foods and Activity

Session 3: See Yourself Thin and Trim

Session 4: Love and Care for Yourself

Session 5: Harness Subconscious Power

Session 6: Manifest Transformation

Each Prevail session is 24-minutes in duration and is delivered through stereo headphone or earbuds.  VibrAcoustic version available for the Theracoustic VibrAcoustic Wellness System.

The Prevail program version available for the Theracoustic VibrAcoustic Wellness System.  MORE>

Complete CD Set

Includes all 6 session on 6 CDs


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These programs can be listened from  CD's or transfered to your itunes and made into MP3 files for your Ipad, Android tablet or smart phone.