Live Tobacco-Free Program

A series of four 25-minute progressive programs for those who want to be free of their addiction to tobacco.

Session 1: Decreasing Smoking Frequency

Session 2. Fork in the Road: Choosing to Be a Non-Smoker

Session 3: Saying No: Building Willpower

Session 4: Free From Smoking: Reinforcing Behavior

Each Tobacco Cessation session is 24-minutes in duration and is delivered through stereo headphone or earbuds.  VibrAcoustic version available for the Theracoustic VibrAcoustic Wellness System.

Complete CD Set

Includes all 4 session on 4 CDs


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These programs can be listened from  CD's or transfered to your itunes and made into MP3 files for your Ipad, Android tablet or smart phone.